1. Farewell Feeling 1.0:
the first (somewhat experimental and now on hiatus) version of Farewell Feeling. a 4-panel dramedy. visit it here and let me know what you think!
2. Farewell Feeling 2.0:
the second (& better than version 1 but still somewhat disjointed)version of Farewell Feeling. this one was full-page and written in both English and Japanese, but I am no longer at all happy with the turn the writing and art took with this and so it's been moved to a separate site. it reads L-to-R. you can view it here: oldfarewellfeeling.smackjeeves.com
3. Tanabata Story・七夕物語:
an older comic of mine that I'm not
*actively* working on at the moment but probably will
sometime in the future.
it is my retelling of the Japanese legend "Tanabata."